About Us

My name is Karolina Miseviciute, but you can call me only Karolina. I live in Lithuania, Europe. It’s a really small country with only 3 million of people. So I’m the one of those 3 million people and only the one hostess, founder and webmaster of LiveLusty.com .

Why LiveLusty?

This site is about living healthily, taking care of your body and using all nature that we have to live happier and better. I created this website because I wanted to share everything I know about losing weight, body care and healthy life. Also I wanted to learn more and more about this subject and help, advice people who need it.

LiveLusty.com is not only a blog, it’s a community where we can share our minds, support each other, give suggestions to each other and make our lives brighter.

My goal is to create a huge community where you can meet new people, share beauty, health secrets and enjoy every second you have.

Quote that says exactly what LiveLusty is about

We believe that LiveLusty.com can give you what you need: tips how to lose weight healthily, how to have a meaningful beauty and tips how to take care of your and your family’s health.We believe that LiveLusty.com can be a great place to talk with other people and help each other to achieve the goal – to lose weight, to be healthier or have soft skin – to discuss the newest advices how to live healthier. We believe that LiveLusty.com can be more than a blog, more than just a website in internet, it can be a community, community which will give support you need, which will give you friends who will understand you, who will have the same dream as you have. So join LiveLusty.com community and help to build something significant.